About Us

We know it's difficult to express what being Plant-Based means to you, especially to non-vegans. To spare you the time and energy on those awkward conversations, we have designed Vegan Slugger to voice your thoughts to the world and empower you, without you having to say a word.
 Every product we design is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free!
We are one of the first vegan streetwear & lifestyle brands.
Our first collection is named the Foundations Collection as we believe it encompasses all the very first words and phrases used to describe a Vegan lifestyle.
Our brand is always growing so keep an eye out for new designs blossoming on our site.
We also want to actively help animals. We do this by donating a portion of our sales to charities that help animals. With your help we hope to brainstorm new ways to help animals around the world! Social media is the perfect platform for us to hear you ideas.
Our ethos in life is simple. We believe that being a brand doesn't give us the right to destroy the lives of innocent creatures. We only source materials that are not by-products of animals and we are committed to a cruelty-free lifestyle.   
Empower your voice without saying a word!